We do not offer any credit terms to any vendors. A minimum of 50% deposit is required to start production of any order, Until this deposit is received and cleared by our accounting department, the order will remain pending and will NOT be input into production schedule. This deposit is non-refundable. We accept payment via wire transfer, company check, cashier’s check, money order, credit card or cash. Once the order is in its final stage of completion, we will contact you and will require the payment of the remaining balance prior to shipping the set. This automatically-generated email is sent once the set reaches final stage which could be up to 10 business days before the set is actually ready to ship. Once the remaining balance is received, the order will be cleared to ship within 24 hours unless the set is not yet complete. In this case, it will be shipped out the day they are complete with no additional accounting clearance needed. Our production system works on the shipping clearance authorization of both accounting and production. Once both final stage reports are marked as complete, the set will automatically be added to the next business day’s shipping list.



The wheels you are purchasing are custom built, tailored, and specifically finished to your taste. They are precise fit wheels, meaning they are not universal and will ONLY fit your vehicle. The wheels are not kept in stock as inventory and are specifically machined for you, and only you, when the order is placed. With this being said once and order is placed, it is non-cancelable. Your deposit is non-refundable, and you are entering into an agreement with our company. Once your deposit is charged, you have 24 hours to make any revisions. If we do not receive any written communication reflecting changes within 24 hours, we assume that the order is correct. It will then go into production as-is. Once production begins, changes may be granted but not guaranteed depending on which part of the process your order is in.. If no communication is received prior to the 24 hour grace period, you are in essence confirming that you will fulfill your obligation to purchase these wheels as specified in the invoice. Under no circumstances can an order be returned unless manufactured wrong.. However should an order have a problem, we do have our warranty policy explaining details on how the problem will be addressed. Production lead times are quoted as 4-6 weeks NOT including any shipping time, 2 tone finishes, custom design work, and specialty fitments may be subject to longer lead times.



We offer a 3 year warranty on finish / lifetime warranty coverage on structural claims excluding those resulting from improper use or damage. The finish on these parts is covered up to 3 years, excluding scratches and user neglect/error.. Should there be any issues on finish, i.e., chrome peeling or pitting, paint chipping, etc., it is your responsibility to have the wheel or wheels returned safely to our facility at your own expense / liability unless the claim has been pre-authorized by Aristo Forged  for warranty coverage. In this case, we will coordinate with you on retrieval of the wheels at our expense. Once received, we will then inspect the product and check for any issues that merit a warranty claim. Should the wheels have a warranty issue, we will fix the problem and send the wheels back to you at our expense. If it is found that the issue is not due to workmanship or quality but rather user neglect or error, then the customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges as well as repair costs. It is also your responsibility to get the wheels back to us safely and packaged properly. We are not responsible for shipping damages. Please call us to discuss any warranty issues prior to sending the wheels. We also require that you send us photos of the problem via email prior to sending the wheels. Your approval of the specifications listed in the invoice, which are based on information you have supplied to Aristo Forged Wheels, constitutes your acceptance of responsibility that such fitment specifications will properly fit the intended vehicle application. If resulting wheel manufactured by Aristo Forged or any of its suppliers  does not properly fit the vehicle for any reason other than a material defect or engineering mistake (excluding offsets unless not provided for approval in which case we assume liability for incorrect et’s), rework / repair charges will apply for any manufacturing required to correct the wheels. Should you receive the wheels and there is a problem with fitment, please call us and explain the problem. If the problem is in fact a valid fitment issue, we will instruct you about proper packaging and information regarding shipping the wheels back to us at our expense. Once received, we will fix any existing fitment problem.



It’s not our responsibility to meet a certain deadline for your wheels to be delivered unless we provide a written guarantee via email, fax, or print. No other circumstances will apply. We recommend that you always see your existing wheels and tires in case these wheels need to be repaired for any reason. We cannot be held responsible for this should your wheels need repair or warranty work. We are not responsible for missed deadlines, vehicle storage, or any other internal expenses caused by any delays in your order production.