Designed to maintain the sporty and aggressive look of your sports car and spice up your luxury sedan or SUV, the Sport Series provides classic style with a modern twist with a variety of profiles and constructions to help you achieve your perfect look.


For those who want to be noticed, our Luxury Series features designs to help you maintain a luxurious image with classy designs to reflect the clean and executive look you desire from your Luxury sedan, coupe or SUV and give your sports car a little touch of class.


Only for the most luxurious, our Aristocrat series is designed for those looking to achieve the most exclusive look wherever they go. Available only in sizes ranging from 22in and above with ultra-luxury styling, this series is designed with only the finest luxury sedans and SUVS in the market.


Want to make your car look fast even when its parked? Our twist series features unique directional wheel designs to keep your car looking fast at all times and more importantly make you stand out from the rest.

Forging and Face Profiles

Deep Concave

Available in 19-22, 24 inch diameters for 3pc reverse or step lip configurations.

Light Concave

Available in 19-22, 24 inch diameters for 3pc reverse or step lip configurations.


1pc fully forged.
Available in 18-24 in diameters with concave forging profiles.

Non Concave

Available in 15-22 in diameters for reverse or step lip configurations.

Sport Face Profile

Sport profile outer ring to maximize rivets or build for sandwich mount specs allows for a more aggressive sport look.

Luxury Face Profile

Spokes extending to the edge of the forging allow for both a full rivet less look or allows for minimal rivets in between spoke windows for an elegant yet sporty look.

Sandwich Mount

Classic 3pc wheel construction where the center is placed in between the inner and outer lip exposing the outer lip flange over the center.

All Aristo Forged wheels are proudly made, finished, and assembled in the USA from materials supplied by local domestic manufacturers. 100% forged each wheel is CNC made to order for your individual needs utilizing our wide range of available forging profiles and Constructions.

Centers: T6-6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Hoops and Barrels: T6-6061 Aluminum
Monoblock Forgings: T6-6061 Aluminum

Sport Series Collection

Sport 5 Split

Sport 612


Sport 14

Sport MJK

Sport 5V


Sport 7 Solid

Sport 16

Sport U5

Sport 7 Split

Sport 7 Split

Sport 20

Sport 20 (2)

Sport Y5

Sport 10

Sport DPK

Sport DPK Flat Polished Orange Flat Brushed Face (3)

Luxury Series Collection

Luxury 5

Luxury 21

Luxury 10 Split

Luxury 16


Luxury 18

Luxury 18 (1)

Aristocrat Series Collection

Aristocrat 8

Aristocrat 10

Twist Series Collection

Twist 10


Twist 14

Twist 15

Twist 16